Institute of Structural Design - TU Graz

Bearing Structure 2 13.06.2017
By building a 2.5 m bridge structure, the architecture students build up a connection between their theoretic knowledge and the practice. The following loading test showed the advantages and disadvantages of the different structures.

Masterstudio 2017 15.02.2017

Design of a pedestrian bridge over the river Drava in Maribor (Slovenia).
Martin Knight (knight architects), Stefan Peters, Andreas Trummer, Daniel Gethmann.

Masterstudio 2016/17 - Final presentation 02.02.2017
The final presentation of the Masterstudio Velodromo Treviso takes place on the 2nd of February at 10.00 am in the Halle (Kronesgasse 5/1. floor).

Excursion - Ferry Dusika Stadion 11.10.2016
Studio - Velodromo Treviso
Excursion to the only velodrome in Austria

Masterstudio 2016/17 30.09.2016
Design of a velodrome in Treviso, Italy.

Supervisors: Stefan Peters, Andreas Trummer, Eva Pirker, Christoph Breser

Material - structure - form 28.09.2016
Enroll for the course material structure form until Friday 3.10.2016.

This terms topic is the design of a glas pavillion.